peaceful sky (English Version)

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There are so many living creatures on this planet
We’re all fighting for life with limited time, all fighting for life
Lives that gone in vain are reincarnated, are reincarnated
They’ll be back in on us, back in on us

(*1) This planet’s oceans and earth are full of dangerous places
Devil has always been after us
But in the sky, there are angels, looking out over us

(*2) If I’m like the birds flying in the sky
If I can fly around… around
I’ll fly around the world and only find you, only find you
And I’m going to take you on a journey to the one paradise that I have always known
Oh yeah for you, oh yeah my dear

There are so many living creatures on this planet
They’re all helping each other and fighting for their lives
Well, not all living creatures are created equal
You can’t kill us for selfish reasons, you cannot kill us

(*1 Repeat)
(*2 Repeat twice)

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